Five Minute Friday – From Other to Us

I am joining Five Minute Friday for the first time on THIS blog, but I have joined them in the past and loved the community, the creativity, and the life lessons.  Please consider clicking on over and reading some of the other entries if you have not already – the variety and the talents are large.

This week’s prompt is “Other”:

Other FMF

When I reflect on what my life is all about or what I am drawn to, it is making people feel less the “other” and more the “we”.  I am made extremely uncomfortable when I witness individuals being left out or excluded from a group.  Perhaps it is because of my own memories of feeling like the “other” – not fitting in quite right in elementary school and middle school and even high school.  I constantly sought ways to embrace the “we”: being part of teams, joining the pep squad, doing Student Body government, etc.  I wanted so badly to be part of something larger than myself and to bring others along for the ride.

I consider my teaching pedagogy to be one of building community amongst my students.  I am a champion of Speech and Debate being a community for its members, both coaches and students.  I hope that my Girl Scout troop is one that makes the girls feel part of a community.  Why is this my concern and my emphasis?  I’m not really sure.

I do know that some people are not only comfortable, but empowered being the “other”.  They like to stand out, to rebel to resist.  I am not one of those people.  I don’t think most people are one of those people.  I think that most would like to feel a part of a “we”.  Community, kindness, care, compassion and concern for “others” is important, because that is what turns “others” into “us”.

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I like idea gardening. Give me a seed and I'll plant it, care for it and see what grows! I am mom to a pre-tween heart transplant recipient. I work full time plus, teaching college and coaching speech and debate. I lead a Girl Scout troop. I do too much and not enough, all at the same time. We can do this! Join me!

3 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – From Other to Us”

  1. Love this! I’m in education as well and it’s so important to each students to see the other and not just put people in boxes. Getting to know the other is an immeasurable gift everyone should experience. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I really like this post and also am the sort of person who wants to help others feel included. The title says it all, “From others to us!” Thanks for sharing. Your FMF neighbor #37


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