Leader Life Lessons #1 – Don’t Punish Inactivity

I’ve been inactive on this blog for a couple of months.  I apologize to anyone who was actually reading the posts.  Life got away from me, as it has a way of doing at the end of the school year and I began to wonder if this blog was something I really wanted to do.  But, I’ve had some downtime and I’ve decided I do want to prioritize writing and blogging and sharing and using my Girl Scout experience as a life-long learning opportunity.  I hope you won’t punish me for my inactivity.  I hope you can welcome me back and we can start wherever you might be right now.  I won’t ask for any backtracking.  I’m just going to jump in right where we are at this point!

I try to give the girls (and parents) in my troop the same grace that I am asking from you.  I think of Girl Scouts as something that girls should WANT to be doing, not something they are FORCED to be doing, so I don’t take no-shows personally.  Girls (and parents) have a lot going on and Girl Scouts may not be their top priority.  I know that some leaders frown upon girls who are inactive.  But, I feel like I want each meeting and event to be a stand-alone where a girl who shows up will get something out of it, whether she has been at every single meeting or has missed the last few.  Sure, the girls who come to every meeting get more out of Girl Scouts than those who miss a lot of meetings.  But, it is my sincere hope that all of them get something out of it whenever they are there.  And that is more than they would get if they never showed up.  And sometimes girls just need a break from all the demands on their time.

So, my Leader Life Lesson #1 is one that I can relate to as I jump back in on this blog – Don’t Punish Inactivity.  I did consider leaving totally, but I feel drawn to this blog.  I think we can all learn lessons from the Leader Life.  I think Girl Scouts has some really good lessons that we can learn, even as adults.  I think inactivity is sometimes simply a time to think or try other things or test the waters elsewhere and a good Girl Scout is not single dimensional.  They are explorers, thinkers, adventurers, and risk-takers and that means that they are sometimes doing that elsewhere.  But, when they are there, give them something valuable.  So, I would like to think I was out exploring and adventuring the last couple of months and now I’m back, hopefully, to give you something valuable.

Instead of judging inactivity, make each activity you do worthwhile.

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I like idea gardening. Give me a seed and I'll plant it, care for it and see what grows! I am mom to a pre-tween heart transplant recipient. I work full time plus, teaching college and coaching speech and debate. I lead a Girl Scout troop. I do too much and not enough, all at the same time. We can do this! Join me!

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